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South Bend Tribune House Church Article

The South Bend Tribune published an article on a local house church 10/5/06. You can read the article here.
Focus on The Family on House Churches

Family News in Focus, a division of Focus on the Family ran a radio news story on House Churches on 6/24 & 25th. Click Here to Listen
Life Together

Bonhoeffer may best be recognized throughout the world through his classic work, The Cost of Discipleship, but it was in the small volume, Life Together, that he detailed the necessity of the church functioning as a living and vibrant organism, what he called, a 'community of love.'
Time Magazine Article on House Church

Time Magazine published an article on house churches in it's 2/7/06 issue. Read it here.
True Leadership

We can all lead and we can all follow. Of course, we have a Leader, the Great Shepherd of the sheep - Yahshua the Messiah who came as a helpless baby and died as a helpless criminal. And in between he taught as a helpless, unauthorised, untrained non-leader. He wasn't helpless by nature, he chose to be helpless for your sake and for mine.
House Churches Meet the need after Katrina

Court rules home worship OK

Posted: January 24, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern, WorldNetDaily.com A federal court ruled a Florida county cannot prohibit a rabbi from holding prayer and worship services in his own home. Rabbi Joseph Konikov of Orlando was faced with two land-use ordinance violations filed by Orange County.
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Barry Steinman's Blog
Barry Steinman's blog
The place of civil marriage

I was just ruminating on when I used to be quite indignant about believers who were living together and not married.

Now that gay civil marriage is recognized in many states, I have started to reevaluate my perspective.
Note: I am not writing this to get into a debate on whether gay marriage is right or wrong.
I think it is wrong, but I respect those those feel otherwise and am not in this post trying to change your mind.

I am also not trying to get into the political issue of if states should recognize same sex couples as married. Many states already have,
so I just trying to work that into my current faith perspective.
What I am looking for is input on how others who do not view gay marriage as a real marriage have navigated this issue.

My question is.....
Since I am coming to a place where I no longer view a civil marriage license as a real marriage, how does that affect my perspective on believers living together without a civil marriage license.
The civil license appears to me now to be no more than a domestic partnership contract covering legal property rights.

I view true marriage as a contract and relationship between a man and a woman before God.
Since states are now issuing these contracts to same sex couples, to me they no longer represent a real marriage contract before God.

So I am left thinking that a true marriage is simply a commitment before God to stay together.
Since the state even recognizes couples that have lived together for a certain number of years to be civilly married even without the license -

I am left wondering if in my mind the civil license is the necessary requirement for me to consider someone married verses living together.

Is a commitment before God to stay together enough to be married and not fall into the place of "living together"

Jim Wehde's Blog
Priesthood - Part 2

The Children of the Father have been given an incredible priviledge: We can do what only the High Priest under the faded covenant had done, and draw near to Father with a clear conscience (Hebrews 10:19). He now calls us friends (John 15:15). Therefore, unlike the Israelites who were afraid to hear the voice of Father directly, we may commune with Him daily without fear, ask what He desires, and sense His heart through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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Theology of Everyday Life
Musings and meditations on thinking about God and real life.
The "Unjust" Manager, Part 2

The NIV shrewdly renders "unjust" or "corrupt" as "shrewd" when it speaks of the manager. According to that translation, his response is clever or innovative from a business viewpoint.

Hmm. I don't think so. The Message, at least, has the honesty to call him a "crooked" manager. Much closer, this.

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Chris Jefferies' Blog
What do you see here?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here's a new twist on that thought. Buildings and sky I provide the picture, and you write some words!

It's not difficult, here's a small photo to work with. You can view a larger version in a separate window while you write your comment, or you can even download the full-size original. The photo is copyright but the terms allow you to use and reproduce it.

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Stephanie Bennett's Blog
The Simplicity of Life truly Lived
Tennis Lessons

Follow-through is essential . . . in more than tennis.

By Stephanie Bennett

princess kissing a frog

One of the joys I have in life is the ability to play tennis. It's such a fun and enduring sport. One doesn't need to be a superstar to play this game, and it's a great way to stretch the old bod, keep the balance and agility well oiled, and have a bundle of laughs with some friends. Even at this . . . ripening age of mine I am BLEST to be able to run around the court several mornings a week before work and act like a kid. The endorphins kick in, and I remember that I am more than a machine pumping out productivity each day behind a lectern or computer screen. Once in a while I even find the Lord using the time on the court to teach me a spiritual lesson or two. This happened last week while playing with a new friend I'll call Kelly.

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News and Headlines
What's in a Name
Names can become labels that start movements. Names can take on a life of their own. Alot of us have used the name House Church for a long time. But House Church signifies real estate - a house, and we are not about buildings. So let's face it, no one term describes who we are. Let's try using alot of different terms interchangably. If we do we might avoid becoming some movement that is based on methods and models instead of a living faith in Christ. Ones I like to use are:
Relational Church
Family Integrated Church
Participatory Church
Simple Church
Home Church
House Church
Age Integrated Church
Do you have any other suggestions? If you do hit the discussion forum link.
by Barry Steinman

For any comments and discussion concerning this topic click on this link for a discussion forum on this topic

Discussion Forum

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