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Barry Steinman writer bio
Barry's Journey Barry Steinman After a trip thru the hippy/drug culture, my Jewish heart opened to Jesus in 1971 at the age of 19. The Jesus movement

Jessop Sutton writer bio
Jessop's Journey Jessop Sutton The day after President J. F. Kennedy died, was the day my life turned from one of doubt to one filled

Ron Juncal writer bio
Ron's Journey Ron Juncal It was my senior year of High School that I first came to know Jesus Christ. The year was 1966, and I was living on t

Stephanie Bennett writer bio
Stephanie's Journey Stephanie Bennet Some people laugh about the post-hippie generation that came to be known as Jesus people. They th

Wayne Jacobsen writer bio
Wayne's Journey Wayne Jacobsen I first contacted my passion for authentic body life while a student in junior high. My parents

Who We Are
Welcome to the Relational Participatory Christianity Webzine WHO WE ARE We are fellow believers from all over the world who have each felt God's call to return to the simplest and most relational expression of church

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