Barry's Journey

Barry Steinman

After a trip thru the hippy/drug culture, my Jewish heart opened to Jesus in 1971 at the age of 19. The Jesus movement had come to the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
Shortly after a few years of studying Eastern religion, braving tear gas as I walked to class, and looking for the Truth in all the wrong places, I found myself at a Christian Commune in Northern Illinois. It was there, from 1970 - 1978, that I learned the true value of close relationships and spiritual family. Spiritual brothers, sisters, moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas surrounded me. Our fellowship meetings were free and open. Together we learned to openly share the things God put on our hearts. Precious morsels of Truth from the Father could be heard thru even the weakest member. New worship songs would spontaneously drop into people's hearts as we sat in fellowship meetings together. One had only to share when God really put something on your heart. It was there that I learned to preach and teach.

From there I traveled thru the discipleship movement and charismatic churches. My heart became lonely. I longed for the closeness of relationship that had been implanted into my spiritual DNA. In house church I started once again to find spiritual family. In 1994 my wife Penny & I attended a house church conference in Virginia. Many relationships were started there that put us in relationship with believers of like heart around the country and world. In 1995 several of us started HCDL, a house church discussion list on the Internet. Several years later we combined efforts with Herb Drake to provide an automated house church directory on the web.

I live in Oceanside, California, with my wife Penny and our two young daughters, Havilah and Tzytle. Locally we fellowship each week with a few other families and single people in our house church, and we are networking with other groups throughout our county.

We can be reached at :

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