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Ron Juncal

It was my senior year of High School that I first came to know Jesus Christ. The year was 1966, and I was living on the coast near Los Angeles, "getting off" on the sixties, and being a bad-boy surfer in my spare time. Until then, I had never heard the message of Christ, but then a stranger came to the local hang-out after school and shared the gospel. He challenged me to read the Bible and find the Truth for myself. So I did.

Right away I began to share the message of Christ with others. Though in quite an immature way, my immediate desire was to help others find this same wonderful path to knowing God. Later I moved to Eureka, California to attend College. This was the season of the very early "Jesus People" days, and soon I found myself swept into a position of leadership. Many lessons were learned, and many sorrows experienced during this spiritual explosion, but the friends and fellow laborers from this period remain a part of my life to this day.

After a period in the "wilderness" God saw fit to dust me off and use what I had learned of His love and mercy to help others in fresh ways. It started with fatherless children who didn't care if I had ever been a "leader" or not, and has been expressed in many other ways ever since. An artist by trade, I use my talent to disciple young artists. Beyond generating income, my art has been a vehicle to share time with the brethren. This too, has been another way we have seen God use us to be involved with the Body.

My heart is for the Body of Christ, and I find various opportunities to use my experiences to encourage others in the Body to strive for
the unity of the faith. For the last few years I have been involved with a small Four Square fellowship in Carlsbad, CA., where I
live with my wife Delia. Together, we have sought to bridge the gap between those believers "inside" and "outside" the traditional structures. It has been a wonderful experience, one in which we have seen God move and continue to bring forth much fruit.

Ron Juncal

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