South Bend Tribune House Church Article

The South Bend Tribune published an article on a local house church 10/5/06. You can read the article here.
Focus on The Family on House Churches

Family News in Focus, a division of Focus on the Family ran a radio news story on House Churches on 6/24 & 25th. Click Here to Listen
Life Together

Bonhoeffer may best be recognized throughout the world through his classic work, The Cost of Discipleship, but it was in the small volume, Life Together, that he detailed the necessity of the church functioning as a living and vibrant organism, what he called, a 'community of love.'
Time Magazine Article on House Church

Time Magazine published an article on house churches in it's 2/7/06 issue. Read it here.
True Leadership

We can all lead and we can all follow. Of course, we have a Leader, the Great Shepherd of the sheep - Yahshua the Messiah who came as a helpless baby and died as a helpless criminal. And in between he taught as a helpless, unauthorised, untrained non-leader. He wasn't helpless by nature, he chose to be helpless for your sake and for mine.
House Churches Meet the need after Katrina

Court rules home worship OK

Posted: January 24, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern, A federal court ruled a Florida county cannot prohibit a rabbi from holding prayer and worship services in his own home. Rabbi Joseph Konikov of Orlando was faced with two land-use ordinance violations filed by Orange County.
Youth Groups and Relational Church

Certainly children benefit greatly from interaction with adults other than their parents,.. And undoubtedly a youth director is one way that might be facilitated, but I do think it is one of the least effective ways.
His Church and His Heart

These words were given to me for the Church. I was shown how Christ feels towards the Church, I was given a brief but painful understanding of the severe hurt in his heart and the emptiness in his being until she turns and pours out her love upon him, rejecting the World with whom she is still so much in love.
Actually no where does Scripture call itself the Word of God

Actually no where does Scripture call itself the Word of God. I know some people get freaked out by this, thinking it devalues Scripture somehow, but I don’t think it does.
Who's "in" and Who's "out"

If God is building His kingdom and His church, it must be impossible for me to clearly see it with my eyes or define it by saying who's "in" and who's "out"
Worship is a Verb

A.W. Tozer once said the following: People have been over-stimulated to the place where their nerves are jaded and their tastes corrupted. Spiritual things have been rejected to make room for things artificial. The sacred has been secularized, the holy vulgarized and worship converted into a form of entertainment.
Dealing With the Storm

Many storms arise in our lives, some unexpected and tragic, but the Lord is with us through them all. The way we deal with the storms as individuals is much the same as we deal with them in the church.
Riding the Wave – Excerpts from the Koinonia Life Discussion Forum

Together we grow and gain insight from the revealing of the son of God in our lives. The following thoughts are excerpts from a discussion we had on the Koinonia Life Discussion Forum last year. The posts describe how water can illustrate our relationship with our wonderful brother, Lord, and King, Jesus Christ.
an incredible story!

As they walked in that day to the main meeting room they asked where they should begin. They all looked at each other and in the same moment said,, “The pulpit!” With relish the sawed it in half, kept going across the stage and eventually dismantled the entire building and hauled it away to the trash heap. Gleanings from Wayne's Blog.....
Gleanings from the House Church Discussion List HCDL

“I believe in the infallibility of the God of the Bible” Do we worship God or the Bible?
Words that leave an impression

Two simple moments that spoke to me deeply and left a lasting impact on my life.
Digging for Gold

The first April sun warm enough to beckon us down to the Jersey shore found its way through my window blinds, and the question of how to spend the afternoon was settled before it was even asked. Sand chair in tow, I deliberately shut my eyes to the numerous daily tasks, left the house without a "to do" list, grabbed my journal, and was on my way to the beach.
The Wave!

And we see a wall of water rushing at us.... Making a memory...
Tennis Lessons

There's nothing in our lives that God doesn't use to teach us the deeper spiritual things. Thankfully, "all things" apply, and as he works his life in and through us, we are constantly being changed, conformed to his image -- perhaps even on the tennis courts!
Concerns About the House Church Movement

I have been increasingly concerned about some trends I am seeing in the “house church movement” and am writing this to share my heart.
God’s radical elevation of the role of Woman

God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, to the Father of a virgin named Mary :-)
Sharing the Journey

An excerpt from "Authentic Relationships: Discover the Lost Art of One Anothering"
Behold the Lamb

"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world." John 1:29
God and the War in Iraq

Christians are widely divided on their views about the War in Iraq. Is God involved in this War?
Who are you?

Answering the question of who you are is perhaps the most important question one will ever ask. Can you answer it with confidence?
We Already Have a Shepherd, Leadership in the Relational Church

What did Jesus have in mind when he spoke of leadership among the incredible community of the Body of Christ?
What’s Your Net Worth?

Our sense of security and self worth never has to be shaken if we cling only to Him and define ourselves by who God says we are!
Pa’s view of *organization*

My daughters and I have enjoyed reading thru all the Little House on the Praire Books. I am continually amazed how much sage wisdom can be found in these pages. Just read this neat passage with my daughters,.... the townfolk were very bored and wanted some fun, so they decided to have a literary society.....
Facing Death with the comfort of a house church family

Diane Mackeeby went to be with the Lord on Easter Sunday 1995. This letter was written to her house church family a few months prior to her death. Diane lived in Carslbad, CA.
Hal in Heatherland

After 25 years with a network of house churches in Salem, MA, Hal Miller and family move to Virginia. Read their experiences as they visit different churches in their new area.
Was Paul such a boring preacher that someone almost died?

Did Eutychus fall out of the window due to boredom, or the lateness of the hour? Was Paul preaching or was the fellowship dialoguing?
Why House Church Isn't the Answer

Jesus did not leave us with a model to build, but a guide to follow. We experience the life of the church not because we meet a certain way or in a certain place, but because we learn to listen to God together and let him teach us how to share his life. If we substitute any method or design for that process, we will end up following it instead of him and building a counterfeit instead of the real deal. Beware of any model or would-be leader who wants to tell you what to do, rather than help you hear him Jesus. Are there real leaders in the Body of Christ today? Of course! But they are not heading up movements or devising models, they are helping people know who Jesus really is and learn how to follow him. Religion results when men and women, with their best intentions, best activities and best programs try to accomplish God's working.
Simply Church

A great truth that we are inclined to overlook is that the model presented to us by the large city churches is hardly a model for all. Quite simply, what they do requires large amounts of money and expertise which is just not available in the remoter places where the Church also needs to blossom.
Growing in Worship Through Life in the Body

Loving each other in a very practical, ongoing way is perhaps the most difficult thing to experience in a local gathering of believers
An “Ah Ha” Moment after 9/11

A discussion about the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, led to an “Ah Ha” moment for a brother in our fellowship. The brother looked up and said: “Woo, I see it. I finally get it – now I understand what you have been talking about regarding this House Church, Relational Christianity stuff”
Why I Don't Go to Church Anymore

If you are happy with the status quo of organized religion today, you may not like what you read here. My purpose is not to convince you to see this incredible church the same way I do, but to answer your questions as openly and honestly as I can. Even if we don't end up agreeing, hopefully you will understand that our differences need not estrange us as members of Christ's body.

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