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Koinonia Life Discussion List

Description Category: Christianity Koinonia --- The Greek word for ‘shared life.’ As fellow believers in Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to share our lives on a deeper level than friendship. We are part of One family, -- the people of God. But what does it mean to share our lives, if not our thoughts, our dreams, our struggles, and our beliefs? This forum is an attempt to open up the lines of communication between believers everywhere, who see that ‘life in Christ’ is more than just a Sunday experience.

The Worldwide House Church Registry

List your house church or Look for an existing house church near you. Many house church enthusiasts--both seekers and hosts--have requested some solution to the problem of finding an existing house church. This page is intended to provide a solution to that problem by listing house churches searchable by location.

Wild Flower Press, Inc

Publishing fiction books that do something Jesus did: tell stories about interesting characters who have the same problems we all have– and to present readers with the choices and consequences we all face.

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